Our sizing works a little differently here at Versacarry®. Please note that although our size classification may not match your handgun manufacturers, we can assure you that it is correct for our holsters as we have thoroughly tested the make/models that we have listed. Selecting a  size other than what is listed WILL result in buying the incorrect size.    

              Size 1            Fits most Compact and Full Sized handguns (Most Glocks, Springfield XD, XDM, S&W M&P and similar).
         Size 2      Fits all 1911 Style handguns AND Most Micro Sized handguns (Ruger LCP, S&W Bodyguard .380, Taurus TCP738, and similar).
        Size 3      Fits most Sub-Compact Sized handguns (Glock 42/43, Ruger LC9, Springfield XDS, S&W Shield, and similar).


P85 All Calibers Size 1
P89  All Calibers Size 1
P95 All Calibers Size 1
9E All Calibers  Size 1
SR All Calibers  Size 1
SRc All Calibers Size 1
American All Calibers Size 1
Security 9 All Calibers Size 1
SR1911 All Calibers Size 2
LC9 All Calibers Size 3
LC9s All Calibers Size 3
LC380 All Calibers Size 3
LCP All Calibers Size 2
LCP ll All Calibers Size 2


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