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As Gun-Carrying Permits Reach Historic Levels in Minnesota, Related Crimes Remain in Check

Posted by jhingarat21 on 24th Aug 2015

One in 20 Minnesotans has a permit, and 19% are women. A record 200,000 Minnesotans now have permits to carry handguns, an increasingly diverse group that includes two men who recently made split-second, life-altering decisions to fire their weapons. In 2003, the year Minnesota passed its permit-to-carry law, 15,000 five-year permits were issued. The number issued annually then decreased for several years. But by 2014, 184,985 Minnesotans held permits. Today, one in 20 Minnesotans
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D.C. Residents would Feel Safer if they could Carry a Concealed Weapon

Posted by jhingarat21 on 17th Aug 2015

                 Assault weapons and handguns for sale in Springfield, Ill. (Seth Perlman/Associated Press)The Aug. 3 Metro article “Struggling to feel safe in rising tide of violence” showed why D.C. residents need more freedom to carry a concealed weapon. As a Mississippian, I grew up feeling safe because I knew I could defend myself if my life was threatened.Unfortunately, I do not feel safe in the District.Similar to the victim presented in t
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Boy Scouts use donated guns, suppressors in unique training program

6th Aug 2015

Scouts in Maine are getting a chance to participate in the shooting sports with an increased level of safety on behalf of new suppressors, rifles and ammunition contributed free of charge.This spring, the Boy Scouts of America’s Pine Tree Council, which serves ten counties in central Maine, took possession of a windfall of gear with the help of gun rights groups and the shooting industry. That equipment is allowing the scouts at Camp William Hinds, a 280 acre facility in the state’s Sebago Lakes
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