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UT Faculty, Staff Call for Gun-Free Campus

Posted by jhingarat21 on 28th Aug 2015

Dozens of University of Texas professors banded together on Thursday to call for a gun-free campus. Faculty and staff are protesting the recently passed campus carry law. They want classes, offices and other areas of campus to be gun-free zones.The campus carry law is set to go into effect in August of 2016. Faculty and some students say now is the time to make sure the change never happens.One name after another rang out on UT’s West Mall. “Henry Lee from Virginia Tech and Catalina Garcia, Nort
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Open Carry Activists At Protests: Good Or Bad?

Posted by jhingarat21 on 8th Aug 2015

Beavercreek, Ohio (TFC) – Recently, there have been a number of demonstrations and events at which activists chose to openly display firearms for one reason or another. The practice has sparked a lot of debate within the activist community. Before delving into a subject like this it’s probably important to establish my personal practices regarding the subject. I don’t open carry. Ever. It’s a safe bet that if you ever seen me with a firearm, society as we know it has collapsed. I don’t even own
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