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Detroit: Concealed Carry Firearms On The Rise

Posted by jhingarat21 on 18th Oct 2015

In the face of surging crime and employment, many Detroit citizens are obtaining concealed carry firearms.An increasing number of Detroit residents are obtaining concealed carry firearms for protection, with no signs of slowing down.According to a FOX News report, 1,169 handgun permits were issued in 2014, and 8,102 guns were registered with the police department, with many of those being from existing permit holders who purchased new firearms. Thus far in 2015, almost 500 concealed carry permit
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"Tough Guys"

16th Oct 2015

Episode TranscriptI've heard many people talk about gun owners as "tough guys" with a macho ego using gun ownership as an extension of their puffed-up image. Even my own grandmother told me that guys just want guns because it makes them feel tougher. This is a completely inaccurate stereotype that needs to be dispelled. Yes, I am sure that some misguided people do own guns in order to cover up their own insecurities. Not only are they the extreme minority, this attitude is shameful in
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Regal Cinemas Blames Gun Owners For A Bag Search Policy Targeting Young Mothers

Posted by jhingarat21 on 24th Aug 2015

Regal Cinemas is now posting a policy that they will search the bags of patrons wishing to watch movies in their establishments. Guess who gets scapegoated. Debate is brewing over a major security change to protect you at the movies. Local 6 has learned in response to the recent attacks at theaters across the country, Regal Cinemas is now searching customers before allowing anyone inside. A printed sign hangs in the front ticket counter at Regal Cinema
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Guns Help Control Crime

Posted by jhingarat21 on 10th Aug 2015

My town, New York City, enforces rigid gun laws. Police refused to assign me a gun permit. The law doesn’t even let me hold a fake gun on TV to demonstrate something.But New York politicians are so eager to vilify gun ownership that they granted an exception to the anti-gun group States United to Prevent Gun Violence. New York allowed States United to set up a fake gun store, where cameras filmed potential gun customers being spoofed by an actor pretending to be a gun-seller.“This a nine-milli
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