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Utah Teachers Receive Gun Lessons, Now Trained, Carrying To Protect Students

Posted by jhingarat21 on 23rd Oct 2015

In response to a string of school shootings, the Utah Shooting Sports Council gave shooting and gun safety lessons to teachers who are trying to protect their students.During the Utah Education Association break Friday, the council offered a free concealed weapons class, designed specifically for teachers and faculty members within schools,reported Bizpac Review. The lesson included discussion, live demonstration and practice scenarios for safe gun use in school environments.Participants were gr
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Update: Proposed Faulkner Co. Concealed Carry Ordinance to Advance to Next Meetings

Posted by jhingarat21 on 21st Oct 2015

FAULKNER COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) — Tuesday night, the Faulkner County Quorum Court heard the second reading of a proposed concealed carry ordinance.  Civil attorney David Hogue said two amendments to the proposed ordinance were approved.Justices voted on the ordinance that would allow county employees and elected officials in Faulkner County to bring guns on county property if they have a concealed carry license.  The two amendments made were:– A weapon must be kept on person at
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Concealed Carry License Holder Recounts Scary Confrontation That Could Have Ended Much Differently

Posted by jhingarat21 on 7th Sep 2015

Joe Lanier says he might not be alive today were it not for his concealed carry license.Lanier, 24, was sitting in his car Wednesday when a 17-year-old packing a gun came up to his window and tried to take his sunglasses. But the Detroit father wasn’t in the mood.“The boy tried to rob me, and I shot him,” Lanier told WXYZ-TV. “That’s what happened.”But Lanier didn’t just fire once. He fired seven shots at the suspect, hitting him several times and blowing out his car windows.“He was on my window
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Pastor With Concealed Carry Permit Held Suspected Church Burglar at Gunpoint.

Posted by jhingarat21 on 2nd Sep 2015

Pastor Kenneth Morgan was in his office at the Church of the Living God in Oklahoma City prepping for a midweek service when he heard a noise in the dining area.But when Morgan got up to investigate Wednesday afternoon, he took along something other than the Good Book.A concealed carry license holder, Morgan was packing — and said he encountered a burglar inside the church, KWTV-TV reported.Apparently seeing the armed man of the cloth scared the crook, who took off outside. But he didn’t ge
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Texas Open Carry Gun Law Going into Effect Soon

Posted by jhingarat21 on 16th Aug 2015

HARLINGEN — People with a concealed carry license will soon be able to carry their handguns openly in Texas.House Bill 910, passed in May, allows concealed handgun license holders to display their guns in a shoulder or belt holster. It takes effect Jan. 1, 2016.Harlingen Police Chief Jeffrey Adickes recently discussed the newly adopted law with the Harlingen Rotary Club.He assured the club Harlingen is the safest city in the Rio Grande Valley.“It is a bright shining spot in the Valley,” he said.
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