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Gun State? Oregon’s Complicated Connection to Firearms

Posted by jhingarat21 on 15th Oct 2015

Warren Lacasse of Southeast Foster Road’s Gun Room gives a tour of his shop and waits on customers. Thomas Boyd/The OregonianKevin Ensley presses and rolls his ink-stained thumbs onto the back of a six-page form. Within minutes, Oregon State Police scan for any criminal record and electronically approve his application.It’s a Monday afternoon inside a Southeast Portland gun shop. Another firearm has been sold.If there’s a face of gun ownership in America, or Oregon, Ensley could be it. He’s a re
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Hillary Clinton’s Gun Proposals Expose Democratic Divide

Posted by jhingarat21 on 12th Oct 2015

Hillary Clinton unveiled her gun-control proposals recently in New Hampshire, calling for what she sees as “common-sense approaches” to minimize gun violence not long after the latest mass shooting.After nine people were killed at an Oregon community college last Thursday, gun control has re-emerged as a top issue on the campaign trail. A visibly upset President Obama took to the White House podium after the shooting to bemoan perpetual congressional inaction after any incident, saying
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Jeb Bush Admits Background Checks Prevent Gun Violence, But Doesn’t Support Their Expansion

Posted by jhingarat21 on 14th Sep 2015

More than 90 percent of Americans support expanding background checks on gun purchases. Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush is one of those supporters — but only when it comes to his own state.On Tuesday, Bush admitted that gun violence has decreased in Florida since implementing background checks on gun purchases, but said he still wouldn’t advocate for the policy to be expanded nationwide.“In Florida, where I was governor, we have a requirement of background checks, a 72-hour waiting pe
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Bill Metzger: I Support Full Concealed Carry Gun Rights on DCCCD Campuses

Posted by jhingarat21 on 11th Sep 2015

As a trustee for the Dallas County Community College District, I take my position very seriously. Serving our community is a priority of mine. Being a citizen in the United States of America, however, is an even higher priority. If a mass shooting were to take place on one of our campuses, I will not be the trustee who looks into the eyes of a victim’s family and says that I didn’t do everything I could to have prevented such a tragedy.In her recent op-ed column, instructor Joanna Cattanach — li
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Posted by jhingarat21 on 2nd Sep 2015

On Tuesday, a new law takes effect to address the concern that some government owned/affiliated businesses and attractions in Texas ban concealed carry on their premises in a manner reserved for privately-owned establishments.The Star-Telegram explains that privately owned businesses can restrict concealed carry, but business on government properties cannot, “with exceptions including certain meetings and court hearings.”The law–Senate Bill 273–will allow concealed permit holders to write a lett
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