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The Story Behind Versacarry®

A letter from the creator of Versacarry®, Justin Sitz:

I'm often asked: "How did you come with the idea for Versacarry®?" Odd as it may sound, I owe the creative spark to a fire in June of 2010 that took my home and all my belongings. My first reaction was shock. Everything owned was now a pile of rubble in a blackened hole. An optimistic person would be quick to say there’s always a silver lining. That being said, thankfully my younger brother and I were not home sleeping when the fire broke out. I will forever be grateful that we were both up and out of the house early that day. Unfortunately, my German Shepherd was at home and I lost her. I use the old phrase 'silver lining' because the day my house burned down it was actually pouring rain, and as I watched the firemen try to stop the blaze I can remember how ironic it was to have everything burning up on a day it was pouring raining. Together the firemen and the storm could do nothing to keep the fire from spreading to the rest of the property. Everything I owned was a total and complete loss. The next day I began working with my insurance adjuster to figure out the next step in the process. The following day I remember laughing when it dawned on me what my first purchase had been. Keep in mind I had lost everything and a normal person's first purchase might have been a toothbrush or underwear, however mine was a handgun. I just couldn't stand not carrying one with me. I had good insurance and was fairly compensated. A person doesn't fully realize how valuable good insurance is until you lose it all. With the compensation for the small 500 square foot home I lost, I began working on a plan to rebuild my new home. I had decided I would live in a small 27ft travel trailer while the new home was being built. This plan enabled me to save a little money, be on the job site to supervise the construction, and do part of the work myself. It was during this construction period that the idea of Versacarry® came to me.

I had purchased a Ruger LCP and a Sig P238 back to back and encountered the same problem with both. I just couldn't find anything to easily and comfortably carry either of these guns. As a gun owner I had encountered this problem before many times; you buy a new gun and start the task of searching for the right holster. If you pick something too bulky or that is a pain to put on, you find yourself slowly reverting back to carrying less and ultimately defeating the purpose of having a CHL. I began searching for something that was light, effective, and simple to put on, because if it was simple to operate I knew I'd be more likely to use it. Then it hit me, why not use the one thing both shared, and for that matter all guns of the same caliber share, their barrel size. The solution just struck me while I was in a doctor's office, and I couldn't wait to get back to my travel trailer.

As soon as I got back I began digging for parts to throw together a prototype. I went to the kitchen drawer which, prior to the fire, had housed a variety of different objects and forgotten things that might be used to construct a quick version. I was able to create a very rough looking model after a quick trip to Lowes. After a few days' worth of use I decided the idea had real promise and I could see others finding it useful as well. This led to a big challenge financially to get this project going. Patents and machinery to build a new product from scratch wouldn't be cheap. Prior to losing my home I didn't have a lot of savings or financial resources. In fact, the most money I ever had was the day I received a check from the insurance company to rebuild my home. At this point I faced a decision; I could go the safe route and rebuild a home, or use the money to start a new company. I had already invested money in rebuilding my home and in fact already had a very expensive slab poured, but I stopped the build and diverted all my funding into Versacarry®.

Video Demonstration

Watch the new Versacarry products in action in this short demonstration video.

Versacarry® National Retailers

Versacarry® National Retailers

Versacarry® is a successful nationwide brand. We retail our IWB gun holsters in several hundred retail and outlet stores across the country, including multiple nationally recognized chains. Find Versacarry® on shelves at your local sporting goods store or order online today.

Shooting Accessories

Shooting Accessories

Versacarry is proud to offer a new line of shooting accessories. From range bags and cases to ear muffs and shooting glasses, we now carry a complete line of gear for the serious shooter.Shop Now

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