The Versacarrier™ is a state of the art device for carrying a spare magazine. Using extra space in the magazine itself for retention, the Versacarrier allows full functionality in a minimalistic design.


  • Installs like a standard round
  • Original round capacity is retained
  • Inside or outside waistband
  • Quick-draw release
  • Great for deep concealment
  • Zerobulk™ Design

Select Your Handgun:

Please Note: Any .45 Caliber Glock WILL NOT Work With Any Of Our Versacarriers™.

ALL Glock Models require a DOUBLE STACK Versacarrier.

Please select your make and model below to choose your size. 

***If your make/model isn't listed please contact us!*** or 1-855-278-9678


How does the Versacarrier™ work?


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