Safety Warnings

Versacarry® Zero-Bulk™ Holster

Failure to follow these warnings and usage instructions may result in serious injury or death.

  1. Do not use this product with any firearm in a cocked and locked condition, or with a live round chambered.
  2. Do not alter this product for any use other than that which it was designed and outlined for in this manual.
  3. Only use this product for inside-the-waistband (IWB) carry.
  4. The Versacarry® must be worn with a belt. We recommend a dedicated ¼” thick x 1 ½” wide conceal carry belt.
  5. Do not discharge any firearm with the Versacarry® inserted.
  6. Never place your hand or any other body part in front of the muzzle while inserting the Versacarry®.
  7. The trigger guard must be used at all times to ensure proper safety and product functionality.
  8. Never attempt to re-insert the Versacarry® into your weapon while the Versacarry® is still attached inside the waistline.
  9. Always follow the four basic firearm safety rules:
    1. Treat all guns as if they are loaded at all times.
    2. Keep your fingers outside of the trigger guard until you are ready to fire.
    3. Never let the muzzle cross anything that you are not willing to kill or destroy.
    4. Always know your target, its foreground and background.
  10. Ensure that your firearm is in proper working order before using the Versacarry®.
  11. Hot surfaces can burn skin.  A hot firearm must be allowed to cool prior to handling and/or any type of concealed carry.  
  12. Always keep fingers or other objects off of the trigger when drawing or re-inserting your firearm into the Versacarry®.
  13. Never attempt to cock your firearm while it is inserted into the Versacarry®.
  14. Do not rely on the Versacarry® retention capabilities to justify activity which may dislodge your firearm.
  15. If this product becomes damaged, or does not function in any manner outlined, discontinue use immediately.
  16. Always follow your firearm manufacturer's safety manual.
  17. Make certain that your Versacarry® is the correct size for your specific gun. To verify this, please see our sizing chart at, or call us directly at 855-278-9678.


Versacarrier™ Magazine Carrier

  1. Do not alter this product for any use other than that which it was designed and intended as outlined in this manual.
  2. Do not use this product without a belt designed for concealed carry (¼” thick x 1 ½” wide recommended).
  3. Do not use this product for any magazine other than magazine-type specified on packaging.
  4. This product comes with a limited lifetime warranty. If this product becomes damaged or does not function in any manner as outlined discontinue use immediately.


Versahub™ Bedside Mounting System

  1. Do not attempt to use the Versahub™ in a household or environment where children, and or minors are present.
  2. Do not store, transport, or abandon an unsecured firearm in a place where children are likely to be, and can obtain access to the firearm.
  3. Never alter or modify your Versahub™, Versacarry® and or Versacarrier™.
  4. The Versahub™ is only to be used while abiding state and federal laws. Familiarize yourself with laws that pertain to your state before use.
  5. Never use the Versahub™ with a firearm that is either in the cocked and locked position, or with one with a live round in the chamber.
  6. The Versahub™ is only compatible with Versacarry® products.

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